• 14 Jul, 2023
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Trendy South Indian Bridal Looks for Wedding 2024

When it comes to marriage, every Indian girl has her dreams and expectations regarding her wedding look. If you are looking for something amazing to wear for your wedding so that you can be a unique bride, then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss 5 most trending South Indian wedding dresses which will mesmerize your entire bridal look and give you a fabulous feel. So, consider the below paragraphs and complete your bridal shopping with the most stunning image.

5 Most Trending South Indian Wedding Dresses 2024

1. Pastel Bridal Lehenga

Pastel bridal lehenga Image credit: Pinterest

Note: Pastel bridal lehenga image credit: Pinterest

For this wedding, ditch the bright & shiny colors and go with chic pastel colors, as most of the celebrity brides are choosing pastel bridal lehenga as it is on trend. So, if you want to stay in the trend and also like to stay in your tradition then opt for the pastel color sarees. 

Also, the brides should keep in mind that the golden jewelry will not compliment your look so that is why try to go with the zircon or diamond necklace and earring with your attire or consider going with the pearl choker or stud if the attire has a light color. 

A maang tikka or matha patti will enhance your beauty if you try to keep it in really light diamonds. Among all of those who choose to wear this color saree at your wedding while being an Indian bridal, you will go to catch the eyes of many people by surprising them with something different from the normal tradition. And wearing this makes your wedding pictures and memories more beautiful. 

2. The most Classic Kanjivaram saree

When we think of the South Indian wedding bridal look, the first thing that will come to your mind is the classic Kanjivaram sarees. According to the legends of the South, the makers of the Kanjivaram saree are the descendants of Sage Markanda who is known as the weaver of God. Later his descendants settled in Kanji & continued to weave silk saree, which later became Kanjivaram sarees. 

In a wedding Kanjivaram silk saree, both the body and the border are woven separately & then it gets interlocked. So, if you can definitely go with the Kanjivaram saree, then there is a color palette of red, orange, gold & yellow. Choose any colors and try to pair your saree with authentic temple jewelry or the most traditional Indian jewelry to complete your bridal look. And you will have the perfect South Indian look and it will enhance your beauty a little more.

3. The great Uppada silk saree

If your bridal look image is among those who will love to wear silk saree, then this Uppada silk saree look will definitely attract your attention as Uppada originates from a beach town which is situated in Andhra Pradesh. The weavers are using the Uppada Jamdani technique, which totally gives a new local style to the beach town in this 18 century. 

So, the thought of magnifying your South Indian bridal look by wearing an Uppada silk will be the right choice, and you will see that no one can take their eyes off of you. While shopping, Try to choose an Uppada saree with a heavy golden border. Then, without any effort, you will slay at your wedding. And for pairing, you can either wear authentic Indian jewelry or temple jewelry that can go with that outfit perfectly. After the heavy jewelry, try to keep your makeup light as it settles your look. And This will help you make your wedding look more attractive. 

4. The Graceful Banarsi saree

No one can say no to the Banarsi saree as in the Indian looks; it will look graceful as well as veritable. The brocade and zari textiles industries were founded in the 19th century but started in the seventeenth century by the silk weavers from Gujrat. Banarasi saree has most fine woven silk & it has a decoration with intricate designs using zari. Also, all the saree have characters inspired by Mughals or floral & foliate motifs.

Among most Indian wedding looks, the Banarsi saree is one of the most popular attire. If you go with the typical banarsi wedding look in a south Indian bridal look, then you are going to attract all the eyes and it will be a breathtaking moment for you. And for the pairing, you can choose Indian gold or diamond jewelry. The bulk of the Banarsi sarees has gold and silver threads, fine silk fabrics & delicate embroidery that will make your bridal look versatile.

5. Pleasing and embellished Samudrika Pattu Saree

Most South Indian brides want to keep their wedding look traditional & among the 5 trendy South Indian bridal looks, this look will give you a retro feeling. So, this Pattu saree originated centuries back ago at the time when sarees were usually woven in the temples. And it is made of pure mulberry silk and can be found in myriad different colors. And you can clearly see that all of these sarees have contrasting colors of the pallu and the border. 

For all of the formal and traditional looks, pattu sarees are the best suited option & if you are deciding to wear them on your big day, then pattu sarees will never upset your or the wedding guest. You can style it with heavy gold jewelry and choose minimal and classic makeup. For the hair, you can either choose to braid them or go with the stylish bun hairstyle. And to settle your look wear golden mojris and complete your traditional South Indian look.


So, here are the 5 trendy South Indian bridal looks for weddings that will gonna catch the eyes of many people at the marriage. As every look has a different value, you can not compare any of them. But choosing one of them will be the right decision for your wedding. I hope those will match the above context & through this, you will be able to make your wedding memorable.