• 03 Apr, 2023
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Men's Polo T-shirts Fabric and Care Guide

Polo t-shirts are typically the ones that have a collar and a couple of buttons on the top front and half sleeves. Usually worn by men as casuals, polo t-shirts can be paired with both types of denim and trousers for a chic look. You can wear a polo t-shirt all day long without any discomfort or hassles. To know about men's polo neck t-shirts regarding the fabric and care, read the upcoming segment.

What Fabric Is Used For Men's Polo Neck T-shirts?

Polo neck t-shirts are commonly made of cotton and polyester or a mix of both. These fabrics are used because of the following reasons:

  • Cotton and polyester make the t-shirts available at an affordable range and not very pricey. However, for the top quality of Polo t-shirts you can out the ones made of pure cotton.
  • Cotton and polyester are both sweat absorbent and fast drying materials, which makes them ideal for a t-shirt for regular use.
  • Available in numerous shades of colors and comes in all sizes from 3XL to XS. 
  • The cotton and polyester make the t-shirts quite stretchable and soft on the skin, even in the most humid weather.
  • The wash care of polo t-shirts is very short and easy.
  • The polo t-shirts are made of all weather friendly fabric and can be worn under jackets and sweaters for a complete look.

Is a polo T-shirt formal or casual wear?

 For the everyday office, men can wear polo t-shirts with trousers to get a formal look. Otherwise, it is mainly worn with denim or cargo pants to keep it stylish and comfortable.

Are Polo t-shirts available for all age groups?

Polo t-shirts come for boys and men of every age. You can buy them for a toddler boy and an adult in any desired color and size. Available in bright and somber colors.

Wash Care Guide for Polo Neck T-shirts

To keep the polo neck t-shirts from color fading, shrinking, or going out of size, Let’s learn how to keep the polo t-shirts damage free during the cleaning procedure in the segment below:

Machine wash: If you are intending to put the polo t-shirts in the washing machine to clean, please adhere to the following care routine:

  • Check the label tag for the washing instructions.
  • Turn the t-shirts inside out 
  • Segregate the t-shirts according to the colors
  • Do not put dark and light colors together for the wash.
  • Use mild detergents 
  • If the t-shirt is white, grey, or shades of white, please wash them separately and not mix them with other clothes.
  • Do not use the soak function, and keep the t-shirts in the water and detergent mix for a long time.
  • The water temperature should not be above 40 degrees.
  • Do not use hot water wash on the t-shirts.
  • You can use a fabric conditioner to get a shine on the cloth.

Hand wash: some polo t-shirts which are made out of pure cotton should only be washed by hand. Try the following steps to hand wash the polo t-shirts:

  • Soak dark and light colors separately in a mild detergent for not more than 5 - 7 minutes.
  • Do not use any brush or rough brush to scrub the cloth. Just give a gentle hand rub to the collars and sleeves to remove the dirt, and rinse thoroughly to wash the detergent off the cloth.
  • Ensure there are no traces of detergent left on the t-shirt to avoid white stain marks after drying.

For the drying:

  • It is advised not to put the polo t-shirts in the dryer, as it may wring them too much, which may hamper the durability of the fabric.
  • Please do not tumble dry the polo t-shirts as it may hamper the fit of the collar and shoulder.
  • Put them on flat drying. 
  • The polo t-shirt should be dried in the shade and not under the direct sun to save the color from fading.

For press:

  • Turn on the cotton function on the press machine.
  • Press the polo shirt inside out, and do not press on the printed part.
  • It is best to keep them folded to keep the shape intact and wrinkle free. 
  • If kept on hangers, it is best to use the thick hangers to hang the polo t-shirts.

How to remove a stain from a polo t-shirt?

 If you have stained your polo t-shirt, don’t worry; follow the wash care explained for a cloth stain.

  • Get a spot stain remover available in the market.
  • Turn the t-shirt inside out
  • Put the stain remover directly on the stain and not on the entire t-shirt
  • Please keep it for the time as instructed on the stain remover bottle
  • Do not scrub the t shirt. Just mildly dab and rinse it properly after the procedure.

Can you bleach the white polo t-shirts?

White polo t-shirts lose their natural shine due to regular use and washing, and usually, the sweat marks are visible on the collar and the underarms. So can you bleach them to retrieve the shiny white color? 

  • You can use natural bleaching agents like lemon juice and baking soda. Rub the lemon and the soda mixture on the stained areas and keep them for some time before rinsing. However, it is not going to make much difference.
  • You can get a chemical bleach and follow the mentioned directions to revive the color. But keep the chemical bleach to a minimum quantity.
  • It is pertinent to mention that bleaching may weaken the fabric and durability of the polo neck t-shirt.

Some Extra Points For Taking Care Of Your Favorite Polo Neck T-shirt

  • Always check the wash care label before washing and follow them strictly.
  • Choose a suitable detergent for the wash. Use light and good quality detergents in less quantity.
  • The collars of the polo t-shirt tend to hold the sweat stains; rub them gently to remove the stains.
  • The water temperature should be appropriate, not too cold or hot.
  • The drying should be flat and not in the direct sun to protect the size and color.