• 14 Jul, 2023
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  • Author: Thelabelbar

Latest Kurti Sleeves Designs for Women | 2023

In this blog, you will find all the latest ongoing Kurti sleeve designs trends for women. You can select any of the alternatives to elevate your look. You must always consider your body shape, occasion or event & then decide which option is best according to your personality and style.

10 Latest Ongoing Kurti sleeve designs trends for Women

1st Kurti: Detailing kurtis sleeve with the long cut:

The first sleeve that is currently ruling the fashion world & is on the top of our list is a Detailed kurti with a long cut. This is one of the most stylish and modern looks. It can be paired with pants, palazzo, jeans or jeggings. These sleeves can amp up the look of a simple looking Kurti. This is the latest Kurti Sleeves Designs for Women and can be worn for both casual events and even as ethnic wear. 

If you want to give your attire a more fashionable and fancy touch, then this must be your preference. You can even rock this look in your college or at fashion functions.

2nd Kurti: Kurti sleeves design with a cape:

Nowadays, even kurtis have cape design sleeves. They are quite popular, and they create statements. Silk, cotton & chiffon fabric can be used to create flowing cape sleeves. They are comfortable yet stylish options, especially for the evening and can easily be worn during summer. They are so flowy and stylish that they catch immediate attention. If you want to create a dramatic look, then you can select this unique Kurti Sleeves Design, you will not only end up getting positive reviews but you will look very attractive & fashionable.

3rd Kurti: Split-cut sleeves design:

This trend is not very new, yet this catches attention. They can turn traditional kurtis into a modern look. They are well breathable and add a touch of both elegance & glamor to your look. You can customize this look according to your needs. You can find this sleeve in different lengths. This option is perfect for informal outings.

4th Kurti: Churidar sleeves kurti design:

They are the basic classic design, and they add indianess to any outfit. These Kurti Sleeves Designs for Women are fitted from the shoulder up to the elbow & after that, there are folds at the wrist ends. If you have any formal event to attend or want to go on a casual outing, then you can select this option and you will definitely look best.

5th Kurti: Short sleeves kurti design:

Short kurti sleeves are not only comfortable but very versatile, and they are the best solution for any informal event. They enable individuals to move their hands freely & are a wise option during summer. This is not a very new pattern but is an evergreen option that can be used by every generation, irrespective of their age groups.

6th Kurti: Bell sleeves kurti design:

These kurtis have wide openings at the bottom. You can select this option if you want to look fashionable and you can add some jewelry to even enhance the overall look of your outfit. You have the option to layer such a kurtis with pants, leggings or even with jeans. They often add volume to the sleeves, so if you have thin arms then you must definitely add this to your wardrobe.

7th Kurti: Puff sleeve kurti design:

Puff sleeve fashion can never go out of style. In these, sleeves are gathered & pleated near the shoulder. They are often selected by people as they create volume at the top and then make the bottom narrow. They are a very relaxed option and can be worn on any occasion.

8th Kurti: Net kurti sleeves design:

Net kurti sleeves are again an evergreen option. This transparent sleeve option can be of any length, from half sleeves, full sleeves to elbow length. They create a very delicate look and can be worn at wedding functions, parties or outings. You can select different alternatives according to your preference and occasions.

9th Kurti: Off-shoulder sleeves kurti design:

Off-shoulder kurtis are nowadays very popular, especially among teenagers & young college girls. Apart from tops and blouses, these sleeve patterns are now even available in kurtis. If you are planning a night out, trip, or casual outing, then this is the best option to add a feminine and elegant touch to your outfit.

10th Kurti: Layered sleeves Kurti design:

Nowadays, one of the sleeve patterns that is also gaining huge popularity is flared or layered style. They are very comfortable & they add charm and drama to simple looking Kurtis. They are a perfect option if you wish to wear them during any day, function or night parties. In these sleeves, a cut is created and then layered to give a more chic look. You can select this option and make your overall look more feminine.

Other Kurti sleeves options are available

Apart from the alternatives that are currently very popular, people can also select some of the below mentioned kurti sleeves patterns:

  • Three quarter Sleeves: They are a multi occasion option & can be worn in every season. You can find them in different patterns, from embroidery to prints & can be paired with different bottoms.
  • Bishop style sleeves: These are very similar to cuff sleeves but they are of full arm length and the cuff is created at the end by gathering and tapping fabric. This is a graceful option and slims your arm. 
  • Balloon sleeves: If you want volume on your kurti sleeve then this is the best alternative. This makes the look of your kurti stand out. You can pair it with fitted jeans and some contemporary jewelry to complete the overall look. 
  • Lace Detailing sleeves: You can also find many sleeves with laces at the end. These are multipurpose options & can be worn by different age groups. Beautiful laces are added to decorate the sleeves. 
  • Sleeves with pearls: This style is also new and very popular. There are many kurtis that have pearl detailing on the sleeves. This adds sophistication to the overall attire and makes it look very stylish and elegant.