• 15 Mar, 2023
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  • Author: Thelabelbar

Recommended Steps to Make Your Cotton T-shirts Last Longer

T-shirts are one of the favorites among people worldwide. They are wearable, comfortable, soft, cool, and many more. However, despite their usability and popularity, most of us need help keeping them last longer. This article will discuss the steps to keep your cotton t-shirts last longer; you can go through it and apply where required. 

cotton t-shirt

Step 1: Keep Your Laundry Sorted Every Time 

By Fabric type

It's important to segregate your t-shirts, as they might suffer permanent damage. When you toss all the garments in the laundry, they get twisted together. This causes disaster; most cotton t-shirts get ripped and torn by the zipper in your pants. So it is always advised to segregate your t-shirts. 

Brightly-hued T-shirts 

We all have at least one colored t-shirt. Colored t-shirts tend to lose their color during dye exposure. So ensure that your white and colored t-shirts are kept separately to avoid stains and dye.

Step 2: Wash Them Inside Out

You should turn your t-shirts inside out before washing, especially when they are screen printed or embroidered. Doing this prevents the designs from fading. Besides, it also helps you clean the t-shirt better.

Step 3: Don't Overwash 

You should avoid overwashing your cotton T-shirts, as they wear out quickly. You can wear them many times before washing them. There is no need to wash your drop shoulder t-shirt immediately after wearing it for a few hours.

drop shoulder t-shirt

Step 4: Shrinkage Protection 

Cotton t-shirts tend to shrink, mainly on first wash and dry, which is one of the most concerning problems when using them. However, you can avoid it by taking a few precautions, like not drying the natural fabric garments on the machine. Rather than hanging cotton t-shirts, use folding tables for t-shirt care, or dry them on a clothes rack in a cool place.

Step 5: Handle The Spills Properly 

There are several ways to remove the stains from your oversized white t-shirt, but you should use the most suitable one, depending on the stain type. Besides, you should always act immediately because the stains are set higher if you wait longer. Clean the spill as much as possible, and later you can decide what to do with the left. 

Ensure that the stain is removed before drying because if the stain is not completely removed, the heat from the dryer might permanently set the left stains. 

Step 6: Air Dry + Wash cold

Dry Your Tees in a Cool Shade

Dryers are mostly preferred these days, but if you want your favorite men's oversized t-shirt to last as long as possible, dry them or hang them indoors in the cool shade.

oversized t-shirt

Don't Use Dryers 

You should not use dryers for your T-shirts. Most of the time, the printed t-shirts shrink or lose print quality when placed in the heat.

Refrain From Ironing 

While you think ironing makes your t-shirts better, they usually cause wrinkles. However, if you want your t-shirts to be crease-free, ironing them inside out at the lowest heat is recommended. 

By reading the information above, you must have clarity about caring for the t-shirts. Besides, you should also read the garment care instructions on the t-shirt tag for additional information.