• 25 Jul, 2023
  • Category: Fashion Tips
  • Author: Thelabelbar

10 best elegant outfit ideas for this summer

Finding it difficult to slip out of your comfy pajamas. It is a known fact that absolutely nothing can match a pajama's level of comfort, but sadly, it's not counted as an elegant outfit. Summer is already here, so it's time to upgrade your wardrobe and get breezy with the summer wind. Nowadays, the old money aesthetic and cottage core are in trend. These styles are known to be elegant and comfortable.

Best elegant summer outfit ideas have been jotted down in this blog:

1. Linen button down shirt, white crop top, and relaxed-fit pants

Linen clothes scream summer, and they are very much in trend. You can elevate your basic white crop top with a linen button-down shirt and pair it with relaxed-fit pants. At last, add an extra touch with a good belt and some jewelry. 

2. Lightweight, long maxi dress

A long maxi dress can never go wrong, regardless of the season. Pair a flowy printed maxi dress with a printed silk scarf and simple flat sandals. You can also wear pearl earrings and carry a jute bag to elevate your look.

3. Organic cotton denim skirt with a tube top

If you love denim but can't wear it during summer because it drives you crazy during this season. You can go for an organic cotton denim skirt; they look exactly like denim but are in cotton material. Pair the skirt with a tube top and minimal flip flops.

4. Hand-smocked voluminous lightweight dress

A voluminous lightweight dress can be your perfect partner this summer season. They are flowy and breathable. The hand smocked detailing gives an extra touch of elegance. Pair it with minimal jewelry and neutral-toned sandals.

5. Co-ord sets

Co ords are one of the most stylish and comfortable pairs of clothes where you don't have to waste time thinking about the possible matching pair. There are a lot of options in the market for the co ord sets. You just have to select the one which suits your body type, and you will rock it.

6. Bodysuit with colorful silky pants

Summer is the season for wearing your favorite colors. Pair a good body hugging bodysuit with colorful silky pants. Go for loose fit pants to balance the outfit. You can also carry a small basket bag.

7. Shirt dress

Every summer shirt dresses make their entry to the list of best elegant outfit ideas for this summer. Shirt dresses are the easiest to deal with; you just have to slip it in and add a statement belt. It will make you look presentable even without spending a lot of time.

8. Crop top with asymmetric long/midi skirt

A basic crop top is a summer staple. You can elevate the basic crop top with an asymmetrical long/midi skirt. A printed skirt is preferred, but you can also wear a solid skirt if it works for you. To accessorize, you can add bracelets and a satin scarf.

9. Strappy tunic top with straight-leg trousers

Who doesn't like a strappy tunic top paired with good straight-leg trousers? You can pair a bright color tunic with white or neutral shade trousers or vice versa. It looks chic both ways. 

10. Kurti with wide pants

There is a large variety of kurtis available in the market. Once you pair a kurta with wide pants, they will become your best friend against the summer heat. It is comfortable, elegant & appropriate for almost every occasion.

Tips to upgrade your style:

Here are some extra tips for elegant outfit ideas for summer which can help you to upgrade your style:

a.) Lightweight and flowy fabric can be stylish as well as comfortable for the summer. So try to incorporate fabric with similar features in your outfit.

b.) Accessorisation is the key to making your outfit shine. Always invest in good quality accessories that can last long.

c.) Dainty is the new Fenty of the season; dainty jewelry is in trend. It is lightweight & stylish which is a perfect fit to upgrade your summer outfits. 

d.) Analyze the color theory and select the color family which suits your skin. Try to incorporate those colors into your wardrobe.

e.) Opt for white and neutral shades of color; they generally suit everybody and their skin type.

Mistakes to avoid this summer:

Some people blindly follow the trend and forget about the clothes & fabrics which might not work for their skin or body type. If you want to look good then you should avoid these mistakes. However, all of them might not be valid for everyone because everyones body is different.

  • Avoid too much layering; it can be uncomfortable.
  • Avoid darker colored clothes because they trap maximum sunlight. It can make you feel warm within minutes after wearing it.
  • Avoid leather and tight clothes. 
  • Avoid wearing ripped material clothes and woolen clothes.
  • Over accessorisation can also break your outfit. Try not to pair two different materials together, such as don't pair silver and gold accessories together.
  • Don't pair the wrong kind of footwear, and always match your shoe/footwear color with your belt.

Final words:

Summer is the season to experiment with your style and step out of your comfort zone. It is the season of a new and fresh beginning. Often people hesitate about wearing certain kinds of dresses which don't suit their body type. And eventually they end up being sad about their body. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is that clothes are meant to fit your body & not your body is meant to fit in clothes. This summer, embrace your style according to your comfort because comfort is the key to looking confident. No one, absolutely nobody can look good if they are not comfortable, so love yourself to the fullest.