• 24 Jul, 2023
  • Category: Fashion Tips
  • Author: Thelabelbar

Best casual outfit ideas for women: summer season

The summer heat has been bestowed upon us, and it is challenging to slip out of pajamas and loose t-shirts and get out the ACs to the summer heat. Right now, The best thing to do is upgrade the summer wardrobe and get all the flowy and comfortable clothes because none of you want your clothes sticking to your body. Be it for your college, office, or casual outings with friends or family, here mentioned below are the 13 best casual outfit ideas for women this summer so that you look chic yet comfortable in your clothes at the same time. 

Casual outfit idea 1: Flowy printed dresses

Comfortable clothes are the only way to escape all the irritation caused by the summer heat, and what is better than a flowy dress? This summer, beat the heat and slip into comfortable flowy dresses with cute prints and breeze colors for your casual day or night out. 

Casual outfit idea 2: Casual t-shirt or top with loose-fit pants

These days, street-style casuals are very much in trend, and also they are very comfortable. A loose T-shirt with straight-fit pants or trousers will never go wrong if you plan to wear it in the office or college. 

Casual outfit idea 3: Co-ord sets

For a very long time now, co-ord sets have been in trend and worn by many people. The co-ord sets are the perfect idea for women's casual outfit ideas summer, which also look chic at the same time. It can be printed or in solid color, with shorts or full-length pants, a crop top, or a long one.

Casual outfit idea 4: Neutral color clothes

Neutral and earthy tones define summers. You can never go wrong with anything in a neutral color like beige, subtle pinks, blues, white, etc. The colors are so refreshing to look at, and with breathable fabric, it is a win-win situation. 

Casual outfit idea 5: Shorts and tees 

Shorts with a relaxed tee is a very safe option to go with. You will be looking stylish yet comfortable in your style. Pair it up with white sneakers, and you are good to go. Just remember to wear clothes which are appropriate for the occasion also, and avoid wearing shorts at the workplace. 

Casual outfit idea 6: Breeze jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits are again a very safe option to go with. There is no need to really decide what to wear if you have a jumpsuit. With comfort and style in one piece, you can go tension free to offices, college, and outings even in the extreme heat.

Casual outfit idea 7: Casual kurta and palazzo 

There is a guarantee that you can never look shabby or unfashionable in Indian wear attire. They are comfortable and elegant at the same time. Wear a loose flowy kurta, which can be short or long, and match it with breathable fabric palazzos. 

Casual outfit idea 8: Kaftans 

These days, since all the celebrities around us started wearing kaftans, everyone is following the trend. Kaftans are such a style statement and look flawless. Printed kaftan in breeze color is a plus one. 

Casual outfit idea 9: Statement skirts and tank tops or shirt 

Wearing long or short skirts is the perfect way to make a statement and be comfortable at the same time. Style your statement skirt with a casual tank top or shirt to turn heads at your college, office, or even someplace out. 

Casual outfit idea 10: Cargo pants and crop top

Cargo pants are again another trending fit for streetwear style. The pants are loose fits and are of breathable fabric, plus it has so many pockets, which is a win-win. Style your cargo pants with a cute crop top or even a tank top to match and beat the summer heat. 

Casual outfit idea 11: Midi dress 

If you want to make a statement, midi dresses are an easy and safe option that is very easy to style too. With cute prints and breathable fabric, wearing a midi dress can never go wrong. If it has ruffles, it is a plus one because ruffles and cutouts are trending this season. 

Casual outfit idea 12: Crop tops with palazzo 

Palazzos are so comfortable and easy to style, so if you are getting late to go to work or college and do not have time to think about what to wear, pick up a palazzo from your wardrobe and match it with cute tops to create a fun and comfortable outfit.

Casual outfit idea 13: Print on print outfits

Print on print outfits have always been in fashion and still remain the same. Remember that it does not look tacky with big prints and off-season color. It can be anything like co-ord sets, T-shirts and pants, shorts & shirts, etc.

Mistakes to avoid while styling your casual outfit

Even though styling a casual outfit is very easy & does not need much thinking, here are a few mistakes to avoid while styling your outfits in summer:

1. Avoid wearing dark colors - Dark colors look good, but in summer, the air does not pass. Wear white and light colors which look breezy and appropriate for summer. 

2. Avoid wearing satin or non-breathable material - Satin and other fabrics which are not breathable are not at all summer appropriate. Wear fabrics such as cotton, muslin, and terry cloth which are comfortable and keep you cool. 

3. Loud prints are a big no - Loud prints shout extraordinary, and minimalism is everything. Wearing minimal prints and light colors is the code to ace summer fashion because they look chic and stylish.

4. Avoid layering your outfits - Jackets, and overcoats are for winter. Avoid wearing jackets on top of your attire, even if it is for style purposes. Go for sleeveless or short sleeves instead.

5. Say no to skinny jeans - Do not wear skinny jeans whatsoever. Skinny jeans stick to your skin and are very irritating and also out of trend. Comfort is the key to summer fashion, so please style your outfits accordingly. 

6. Wear clothes that fit you well - If your outfit is ill-fitting, you will look bad. You don't need a size smaller or bigger than the size that actually fits you for a neater look.

7. Dress accordingly to the occasion - If you are going to the office or college or some casual outing with friends, you need to style and pick your clothes accordingly. 

Just remember to mix and match every piece of cloth in your wardrobe to create chic and casual summer outfits for women. Also, accessorizing is the key, so do not forget to add a good pair of sunglasses to match, a bag, jewelry, other accessories & a good pair of footwear to your attire.